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Question 1.2

My gaps are:

  1. my laptop charger is broken and needs to be forced into a certain angle to charge the PC. I need something to hold it in place.
  2. more storage units in the tiny apartment we live in now.
  3. * a light tall hat that will help against wind and rain, and will not be lost easily *
  4. storage for toys that is big enough, mobile and has compartments to sort different toy types
  5. small bag to carry phone, keys, a bit of money while out with children – hands free
  6. a good multifunctional software for row counting/jotting down knitting patterns for Android
  7. toddler/pre-schooler drinking bottle – spill proof AND easy to clean
  8. shoes that are wide enough so as not to hurt my feet (that grew much wider after two pregnancies), that also look stylish
  9. Something to hold my phone at chest level, so that my both hands are free, so that I can record knitting tutorial videos with it.
  10. Good project bag for my knitting – with compartments that would hold several balls of yarn and prevent strings from tangling when working on multi-color projects. Ideally water-proof, lots of small pockets for extra tools

Question 1.1


I love my silicon phone cover. This phone has very fragile screen, and I drop my phone often, sometimes by myself, sometimes with the help of my little ones. I had to change screen twice in half a year.

This cover provides excellent protection – both of the body of the phone thanks to thick edges. It’s also soft and pleasant to touch, the grip of the hand on the phone is better, and it looks ok, almost invisible.