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Question 2.3

As I have mentioned on Home page, I have very little time, and take this course for my personal benefit – not to post my grade somewhere. So given this, I am selective about which assignments I complete, and this week I decided to skip this one – I really suck big time on drawing and it would take me ages to get this right. Sorry

Question 2.2

As this point of time I can briefly summarize my gap as a need to knit a piece of gear that will protect from light rain and wind and will not get easily lost; and to create a knitting pattern so that others can make one, too.

So the user requirements can be split into two very large groups: those related to the design of the hat itself, and those related to how the instructions are conveyed in the pattern.

1. Pattern needs

1.1. Instructions on how to knit the item.

  • list of all abbreviations used, and specific instructions for all stitches used
  • both written and chart instructions (if applicable)
  • assembly diagram
  • photo tutorial
  • for knitting in circle, instructions easy to use for users of various methods
  • ! Video tutorial for complicated parts

1.2. Information about finished item

  • photos from all angles
  • photos of several colour versions (e.g. one colour v.s. multicoloured)
  • detailed schematic with all measurements
  • information about fit (negative or positive ease etc)
  • stitch and row gauge

1.3. Information about skill level required to complete the project

  • a summary of skills needed to complete the project
  • details on less common techniques

1.4. Tools and materials information

  • all tools needed  and their size – both in US and Metric
  • Name of the yarn
  • number of skeins needed
  • fiber composition of the yarn
  • gr/m ratio of the yarn, indication of “weight” (lace, DK, bulky)
  • how many meters/yards used
  • how many grams used

1.5 Sizing information

  • instruction for several head sizes
  • provide information on how to take measurements to determine size

1.6 Information about quality of the pattern

  • use test knitters to check for errors, provide information about that
  • ! reviews

1.7 Presentation

  • pdf format as opposed to text on website
  • printable version (compact, few photos) available as well as a full one
  • header/footer on each page with designer name, pattern name, page number
  • charts friendly to black&white printing
  • ! videos embedded into full version of pdf

2. Hat related needs

2.2. Material used

  • light
  • water resistant
  • thermo regulating
  • not too hot

2.3. Design elements

  • modern
  • protects from wind
  • won’t blow off my head
  • wouldn’t be damaged by squashing into small bag/pocket
  • fits into into small bag/pocket
  • ! linked to scarf so that functions like a hood
  • hat is tall (not a beanie or slouchy type) to go along with my face shape

Question 2.1

So, how might I…

  • Feel comfortable in this fast changing climate
  • Protect my head from wind and/or rain, and avoid loosing hat quickly, as I will take it off often
  • * knit a hat that’s linked together with a scarf
  • * create a knitting pattern so that others can could knit one, too
  • identify the best shape, pattern and material for that hat

I have starred two items, as they are interlinked, and I cannot really create a good pattern without knitting a hat.