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Question 3.2

As I have mentioned on Home page, I have very little time, and take this course for my personal benefit – not to post my grade somewhere. So given this, I am selective about which assignments I complete, and this week I decided to skip this one – I really suck big time on drawing and it would take me ages to get this right. Sorry

Question 3.1

Okay… this was fun and challenging, and it’s finally done. I’m not sure if we were expected to 10 separate sketches, but I did them on three sheets, as this is how I started and I don’t have time to do the drawings and scans again. I also apologize for my drawing abilities and handwriting, I know it all actually looks quite messy and untidy, but it’s the best I can do… I’m really not good at writing and drawing things, and it actually feels like a deed to have produced these 4 pages. So here we go (click on the image to enlarge):

My decomposition:


My 10 variations:




As I was struggling to invent 10 different variations, I have come up with some ideas that I do not really like, some ideas that do not exactly fit my original idea. I’m not sure if some if these ideas will actually work. On the other hand, some of the things that I have come up with are quite interesting, I really want to explore these more, if not as a part of this course, then separately.