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Question 4.2

Here are my prototypes.

Prototype C.

The objective of this prototyped was to see several things: how would it work, to join a hat and a scarf in this particular way. Also, which stitches to use for the hat and the scarf. How would such a model look overall. Since I didn’t have much time, I scaled it down to doll size, and didn’t do a full length of scarf. For your convenience, I also post here the prototype picture. I like the final result. What I have learnt from this is that the inside of the hat should be done very carefully, as it will show when the hat is down. I’m not sure about the stitch pattern for scarf. And for the hat, it’s either as I did it, rib and then stockinette stitch, or rib and special rib. I also might want to use this construction with all garter stitch (one or two colours). Lot’s of stuff to think through and try out.

Prototype J.

This one I made to the full scale, but using a much bulkier yarn to save time. Normally, the fabric should be much thinner. Also, I might want to make the stripe a bit wider, and space the cord from the top, to create a taller hat. Also definitely a cord that’s short (only long enough to fit as a head band) – with some sort of buttons on the ends, so that it stays in place. I like this idea a lot, too.