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Question 6.1

I am designing a knit hat (and subsequently a pattern so that others can make one themselves) that is light and small, modern/funky looking, can protect from mild wind / rain /snow. The main gap is that the hat should not be easily lost by absent-minded me, as I will be taking it on and off frequently. I have selected a hat that will have flap with buttonhole(s), and has a matching scarf with button(s). This way the hat ban be attached to scarf and used in a hood-like fashion in terms of taking off/on.

My alpha prototype is the hat itself. Next week, I’ll make the scarf to go with it. As I do not have the button(s) yet, the flap is not finished, so that I can make buttonhole(s) to fit the button(s). I have tested it, attaching it with a safety pin to another scarf I have. I also tried out tassels – these white ones I just had, I think I’ll make proper ones, as I like it better with tassels.