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Question 7.1

1.I’m going to name this knitting pattern Hat-O-Scarf, since it’s a hat and a scarf in one.

2.Here’s my beta prototype. Since last week I only had the hat, I made the scarf this week, and connected them together to create the final version.

I was designing a light hat that can protect me from light rain and wind. I also wanted to make it in the way, so that I won’t forget it somewhere, as I take it off and on often. I decided to make a hat that’s connected to a scarf, so that I have a portable hood. I wanted to make a tall hat, so that I would fit my face type, too, in a modern and somewhat funky design.

I am knitter, so I knitted the hat, and will produce a knitting pattern, too.

Originally, I planned to put buttons on the scarf, and and a buttonhole on the hat, so that they could be used separately, too. But I didn’t find a button I liked before the deadline, so I sewed them together.

After I finished the project, my son asked me to try it on, and liked it a lot. I could also see that it fits him better, and the style is more suitable for a child, than for a adult. So the hat goes to him, and I will go back to my 10 ideas to see what  I  can make for myself 🙂

The next steps would be to create the pattern pdf for other knitters. I would also need to make adjustments for adult size, and I think I will add baby/toddler/child/teen sizes, since the style and actual idea may be more attractive as child item rather than adult. I will then find some testers who will knit the hat-o-scarf, too. They will give me feedback to adjust design and text of the pattern. When I have that, I will start selling the pattern online.

If you are a knitter, you can visit my web,, to see more designs –  all of my patterns so far are free. My ravelry name is leilalieva, and if you would like to test knit this one, you can e-mail me at (at)