My Gap

My gap that I want to fill is as follows. I have now moved to a climate where weather changes very quickly during the day. One moment it’s blazing sun and hot, another minute it’s ice-cold wind or raining. I need to protect my head with a light hat for those instances, that I wouldn’t loose easily as I will be taking it off and putting it on often. I decided to knit a hat that’s connected to scarf. I will also produce a knitting pattern so that other people can make one as well.

I just moved here, so I don’t know anyone. So having 5 people face-to-face would be a problem for any project. But I do have contact with many people on-line.

I’m a good knitter, and I hope to be able to knit up a hat with a scarf in a month or so. As I have mentioned on the homepage, I would like to become a better designer of knitted and crocheted items, and that’s the reason I joined this course.

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